Will Roman Reigns turn face?

Background Information

As we all probably know Roman Reigns is part of The Shield with fellow superstars Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. In numerous segments I’ve seen Roman Reigns stare down Dean Ambrose or just look annoyed by him. I’m personally really starting to think that Roman Reigns might be the first member to leave The Shield. Don’t get me wrong they are a good team and very strong competitors. But Roman Reigns being that dominant powerhouse makes me think he will be the one to leave first.

Will he ever be champion?

I think Roman Reigns could be champion. He already has most of the qualities; the look, good in ring ability and he’s a fine speaker. I could imagine him as World Heavyweight Champion or WWE champion one-day. It’s just when WWE decide that The Shield as a faction is done, or when the money has stopped being made from The Shield.


Could Roman Reigns be a future champion?

If Roman Reigns turned face, what would happen to The Shield?

There is no denying that without Roman Reigns The Shield wouldn’t be as powerful as they are currently. If Reigns turned his back on The Shield and took his own path then Ambrose and Rollins will have to try very hard to keep The Shield a powerful and scary name. Personally, without Roman Reigns there isn’t The Shield. He’s the powerhouse of the group, without him they really aren’t a huge competitor in the WWE scene.