What’s happening with Sin Cara?

Background Information

Now, you may have seen “Sin Cara” taking on Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw. But, we all know Sin Cara didn’t have a tattoo. So, what’s happening with the first man to portray Sin Cara? What’s happening with Mistico, his contract is expiring in January, 2014 and It looks like that WWE don’t want to renew it.

Why don’t they want to renew it?

The main reason WWE don’t want to renew Mistico’s contract is because they aren’t impressed with his in ring ability, he has made numerous botches resulting in injuries which means he is loosing TV time and ultimately killing Sin Cara off the WWE. However, WWE don’t want to loose the whole Sin Cara character as it’s proved quite popular among young audiences (It’s making money).

Will Hunico keep portraying Sin Cara?

Personally, I can see this being a good option for WWE. As Hunico looked pretty good in the ring against Alberto Del Rio. WWE has released a story regarding Sin Cara’s new tattoo so that won’t ruin the character. I like the Sin Cara character and hope soon they decide to push him. However, I’m not sure what title they could push Sin Cara for? Obviously the Cruiser-weight championship has been gone for many years.


WWE’s Sin Cara


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