Total Divas: Is it a good show?


Is Total Divas a good show?

If you watch WWE then you’ve all heard about this popular show on E! But, is it actually any good to watch? Let me tell you a bit about the show, from what I can gather. Total Divas is a show about behind the scenes of wrestling; it shows the drama, confrontation and stress of being a professional wrestler. The show let’s us into the lives of some of WWE’s top diva talent, which include but not limited to Natayla, Brie and Nikki Bella, Eva Marie, The Funkadactyls & JoJo Offerman.

Personally I quite enjoy the show, I really like the idea of being able to see what our favorite wrestlers get up to in their spare time (Creepy I know). I love all of the drama that comes with Total Divas, it really builds up over the episode and you really want to know what happens next. Total Divas does a really good job of wanting to see the next episode, as they finish with a what happens next segment.

I feel that people were too quick to judge Total Divas, I heard people saying “It’s just another hyped up reality show”. These opinions that people are giving Total Divas are untrue. Total Divas really brings out the real life version of them. Another presumption that people are making about Total Divas is that It’s staged? This is the most ridiculous opinion I’ve ever read, all they do is turn the cameras on and let them get on with their daily routines.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend Total Divas to any wrestling fans who enjoy interviews with wrestlers or just learning about the person behind the wrestler, I really like that. I’m almost positive Total Divas is one of the most popular shows on E! At this moment in time.